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Roofing Services Atlanta, GAOur roofers are here to service your residential roof, whatever you may need. Serving the Atlanta area for two generations, our team is ready to repair, replace, or install your home’s roof. With unbeatable service and fair prices, you’ll be glad you chose Yoder’s Roofing. Find out what sets us apart by reaching out to us today.

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Our residential roofing services include:

Roofing Services

We know there really isn’t a larger safeguard for your property than your roof. So when there’s an issue with it, it is our top priority! You shouldn’t have to worry about that pesky leak, some missing roofing material, or whether it will last through the stormy season.

At the first sign of damage, call the experts at Yoder’s Roofing for a fast evaluation. Our competitive prices might be a major reason you choose us, but we hope to keep your business for life with our unparalleled care, craftsmanship, and customer service.

Here are some warning signs to keep your eye out for:

Shingle roofs - you may see some “bald patches” where it is visible that some granules are missing. More often, you’ll see granules on the ground, likely near the gutter spouts. Perhaps after a storm, some shingles are even missing. Edges curling is also something to stay aware of.

Metal roofs - look out for lifted panels, rusted patches, and even dents. While dents are usually more of a cosmetic issue than a hazard, whatever debris caused the dent may have punctured the panel. A dent on its own may not be reason enough to worry, but if you have noticed evidence of a leak, or have other concerns about your roof, give us a call.

One thing we’ve become known for over the past three decades is cost-saving alternatives for our clients. Just because another roofer told you it was doomed doesn’t mean it’s true. Call us for a second opinion before you schedule that replacement! We have saved hundreds and hundreds of roofs for our clients over the years.

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Roofing Contractor

Your residential roof works hard to keep your family and your assets protected. Let us be the roofing company that works hard to keep it in peak condition for you. Whether you have an asphalt shingle roof or a standing seam metal roof, our Atlanta roofers have the expertise and the experience to do a job well done any time you need our services.

With more than 30 years as a leading Atlanta roofing company, we look forward to the chance to show you how we’ve become known for our affordable, high-quality craftsmanship.

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We can repair, replace, or install your residential roof in Atlanta, Macon, Augusta, Valdosta, Savannah, Columbus, Albany or any nearby area in Georgia.




Partnering With Trusted Roof Material Manufacturer

Yoder's Roofing Co, LLC works with Conklin Roofing to bring you the most technologically advanced, state of the art roofing products available today. Conklin products are durable, cost-effective, and high-performing. They are the industry standard for commercial and industrial roof coatings.
We protect your roof investment from the most severe weather by partnering with Conklin Roofing Systems.