Reinforced Ply Systems

Reinforced ply systems add a layer of fabric “armor” between the layers of acrylic roof coating. When we apply it to your commercial roof, it’s a long-lasting fix for leaks, cuts energy consumption, and ends water pooling. This roofing system is one of our most recommended because it harnesses the durability of fabric to fortify your roof and the watertight capabilities of coatings to keep it leak-free. The result is an exceptionally strong roof that provides a long, maintenance-free life. Call us today for a free estimate to see how we can help your commercial roofing with a reinforced ply system.

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We are professionals at repairing all commercial roof types; whether flat roofs, metal roofs, or other types, we’ll be happy to help you find the right solution for your needs!

Commercial Reinforced Ply Systems

Commercial reinforced ply systems are one of our most popular choices for long-lasting protection without getting a new roof installed. This kind of fabric reinforcement dramatically improves many kinds of commercial roofs, including:

  • Flat roofs
  • Low-slope roofs
  • High-density concrete roofs
  • Built-up (BUR) roofs
  • Metal roofs

We make our reinforced ply systems to order on site, depending on the ins and outs of your roof. They are custom built by our roofing contractors to ensure maximum benefits for your commercial roof setup.

Spray Foam Roofing Macon, GAThere are three major ways that reinforced ply systems will lower your costs. For one thing, they cut cooling costs dramatically since the final ply is a reflective color (frequently white). It doesn’t absorb the sun’s rays, it’s designed to reflect them, which can cut your roof's tempeture in half. That means 50% less heat passing through into your commercial or industrial space from your roof! The savings you’ll get in utilities is often significant enough for your new reinforced ply system to pay for itself in seven years or less. And your AC isn’t working so hard in these hot months, so it lasts longer, too.

Our reinforced ply system will lower your costs because low-interest loans and tax credits are available for those who have upgraded to a cool roof. Light-colored roofing is trending in roof refurbishing right now because of the energy savings. Some local and state governments are offering incentives to upgrade, as is the federal government for certain kinds of roof upgrades. Lower interest loans can be secured for energy-efficient upgrades as well.

The third major way we’ll help you lower your costs is that reinforced ply systems are more affordable than replacing your entire commercial roofing system. We’ve had a number of commercial and industrial building customers tell us that they’ve delayed dealing with chronic roofing problems because they weren’t able to come up with the cash for a roof replacement. They’ve been surprised and enthusiastic when they’ve called us and discovered the affordability of our systems, and the long-lasting benefits of them.

Reinforced Ply RoofsSome of our customers who have been satisfied with our services mentioned how little commotion or disruption their customers, clients and employees noticed during installation. The entire process is usually finished in a day; there is no “tear-off” to create a disturbance, no tar smell, and no disruption of the flow of business.

Several steps go into transforming your roof with a reinforced ply system; the result is a four-ply watertight membrane, with extra strength from the embedded fabric we use. It will stand up to extreme weather, resist punctures from flying debris or dropping tree branches, and expand and contract in temperature changes. This eliminates the possibility of cracks and other damage.

We are a commercial roofing company made up of true professionals who will get the job done correctly. Call us to find out more!

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We replace, install, and repair reinforced ply systems in Atlanta, Macon, Augusta, Valdosta, Savannah, Columbus, Albany and all nearby areas in Georgia.




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