Polyurethane Foam Roofing

Commercial Roof Repair Augusta, GAPolyurethane foam roofing is the innovative solution to chronically leaking roofs. It is also an effective and cheaper alternative to replacing your commercial roofing, and it is a cost-effective extension of your existing roof's useful life. We can help you with a pioneering way to make your commercial or industrial property significantly more energy-efficient. Call us today for an affordable and free estimate!

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We can help you with all commercial roof types, whether flat roofs, metal roofs, or other types, we’ll be happy to help you find the right solution for your needs!

Commercial Polyurethane Foam Roofing

Commercial polyurethane foam roofing is one of the leading groundbreaking ways to restore your roof without going through the lengthy process of roof replacement, and saving you a lot of time and money.

When we install the polyurethane foam roofing, we specially prepare your roof before placing the material on top of your existing roof, so there’s no need to do a tear-off or disposal of your old roof. Not only does this save extra labor fees and money for you, but it also acts as a greener solution to your reroofing, as there isn’t all that material going into the landfills.

This also makes the installation of the polyurethane foam roofing much quicker. Many of our clients who are business owners and industrial firm operators appreciate the lack of disruption and noise we can offer compared to any removal of commercial roofing they’ve had before.

Plus, foam doesn’t require any metal flashing to be attached where the roof meets the building, though we may occasionally do specialized caulking for reinforcements if needed. That means there’s no pounding the metal pieces into the roof and no extra labor fees for you!

Commercial Roofer Macon, GAWe offer a long-lasting roof with lasting savings since our polyurethane foam roofing comes with a ten to twelve year warranty. Our experience tells us it usually lasts longer than that, though. If your goal is to delay roof replacement, you’ll be moving that expense well into the future. If you’ve chosen it as a “green” upgrade, the years of service you will get from your roof ensure it will be in place long enough to pay you back in utility savings.

See, polyurethane foam roofing results in seamless, top-grade insulation for your commercial building. It has a 6.2 R-value, and 85% reflectivity, which means it deflects so much of the sun’s energy that it can pay for itself in four to seven years with the lowered cooling costs it will bring you. Our product is also ENERGY STAR rated, which gives you the potential of claiming tax benefits for retrofitting energy efficiency into your roof.

When we are ready to install the polyurethane foam roofing on your industrial rooftop, we clean your existing roof, sometimes by spray washing or by scrubbing, and then apply 1 – 1 ½ inch of foam directly to the existing surface. We apply a base coat on top of that layer, and then a topcoat is applied to the new surface. That’s three layers of insulation and leak prevention that will last you for years to come.

It is virtually leak-proof, largely because it’s seamless. A standard single-ply roof has hundreds of feet of seams and hundreds of fasteners, even more on a large commercial roofing system. Both seams and fasteners can leak. But with no fasteners and no breaks in our coating, there is no place for water to get through polyurethane foam roofing.

Other significant features include that if hail or a falling branch damages your polyurethane foam roofing, it is easily repaired and restored to its seamless look and leak-resistant form by re-applying the material to the affected area. If you ever need repairs done on your foam roofing, we will be happy to service it.

Foam is also very lightweight, so it generally does not exceed your structure's load capacity, and it’s even possible to add granules to the top coat, giving your roof a textured look similar to asphalt tile.

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