Rubber Roof Coatings

Rubber roof coatings extend your existing EPDM roof's life while adding superb energy efficiency and extra protection for your commercial building, industrial or agricultural structure. Our extremely satisfied customers recommend it as “a no brainer.” The rubber roof coatings solve current problems and prevent them from occurring in the future. We have been known as the industry leader in commercial roofing for two generations – find out why!

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We have commercial roof coatings for any type of roof. We can handle flat roofs, metal roofs, and more with our cool roof coatings. Call us to find out how much you could be saving and preventing!

Commercial Rubber Roof Coatings

Commercial rubber roof coatings will upgrade your current roof in many ways. They add a layer of protection from leaks, add years of life to your existing roof and save you substantial amounts in energy costs by reducing your need for and using your HVAC systems.

Our rubber roof coatings provide much-needed protection since the old rubber on aging EPDM roofing shrinks and cracks. When this happens, leak protection disappears, and wind resistance diminishes. Once we apply a seamless coating to the rubber (after we’ve carefully refurbished it), it results in years of no maintenance and no worries for you.

Commercial Roof Coating Augusta, GAWe make certain the rubber roof coating bonds by taking several steps to prepare your commercial roofing system. We first power wash with a special acrylic cleaner before a unique primer goes on. Here’s a major roof life extender: after a complete base coat, we lay fabric seams anywhere the EPDM might leak (fabric and the base coat form a strong bond). After your roof has been patched, primed, and prepared, the entire surface gets the topcoat.

You can think of it as a sunblock for your roof. A light-colored rubber roof coating covering dark EPDM reflects 80% of the sun's energy away from the surface. The roof stays between 30 and 50 degrees cooler! This means the retail, office, or industrial space below stays cooler and requires far less air conditioning. Plus, the rubber roof coating is insulated that further prevents summer heat from passing through. We know how much that is needed here in the south.

With our commercial roof coatings, you “head off trouble at the pass.” As your roof ages, it becomes more prone to damage from constant contact with the elements. The rubber wears down, so the roof insulates even less well than it did when it was new. And then the leaks begin.

You’ve got a few options there: you can pay for constant “patches” (the cost of which adds up over time), you can purchase a whole new roof (most costly option), or you can buy time by pretending it will go away (and bear the cost of water damage on the interior). We are a commercial roofing company that thinks outside the box, and we don’t think you should have to trouble yourself with any of those.

Commercial Rubber Roof GeorgiaInstead, we offer a long-lasting solution that is more cost-efficient than the rest. Even if your roof hasn’t begun the “death spiral” of constant new leaks, rubber roof coating will prevent the inevitable problems that come with aging EPDM. You will see immediate energy savings and also get Class A fire-resistance. The owner of any building with a rubber roof is invited to investigate our next-generation process.

Not only will you see significantly reduced utility bills, but also a longer life for HVAC systems. Those savings cover much of the cost of the rubber roof coating over the life of the roof.

Find out how we can start cooling down your building by saving your roof with a rubber roof coating.

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