Metal Roof Coatings

Commercial Roof Coatings Macon, GAMetal roof coatings stop leaks, eliminate rust, and turn hot metal into a cooler energy-saver. We consider it metal restoration because of the work we do to prepare your roof before the weather and heat-shielding topcoat is applied. Your metal roof really will look fully restored after we’re through with it. Your entire roof will last longer because our coating maintains integrity for so long and offers superior protection.

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Because metal roofs are so practical and popular, our metal roof coatings take them to the next level of durability and usefulness. This innovation is perfect for commercial roofing, agricultural or industrial roofing. We have many types of commercial roof coatings that suit any roof and can help you choose the one that will offer you the most advantages for your needs, whether you need flat roof coatings, cool roof coatings, or otherwise.

Commercial Metal Roof Coatings

Commercial metal roof coatings will start saving you money on your utility bills immediately. Because it is a reflective roof, it can cut roof temperature by 30%. This means that heat isn’t passing into your building, which dramatically reduces energy use for cooling. If you saw an infrared picture of your metal roof with one side treated and the other untreated, you’d see the “bad” side glowing red while the treated side is a cool blue.

Your utility costs will drop, and the roof begins paying for itself in savings. You can recoup the full cost in seven years or less. That’s why metal roof coatings for commercial roofs have earned the government’s ENERGY STAR approval.

Commercial Metal Roof Repair Augusta, GAWe take important steps to refurbish the metal before applying the coating: if your roof is rusty, we will power wash it using a rust remover or a specially designed cleaner. Then we treat the clean metal with an exceptional product that stops oxidation from developing again. Finally, all of the metal screws are tightened and caulked as further precautions against leaks and rust. There are hundreds of screws in any one commercial roofing system, and every one is treated before applying metal roof coatings.

Next, we take care of seams in three essential steps since seams of metal roofs are leaks waiting to happen. We will spray our base coat on every seam (there are hundreds of yards of seams on a metal roof – no length is overlooked). Next, a fabric sealer is applied to the seams, and at this point in the process, you can clearly see the protection that’s being built right into the roof in preparation for the metal roof coating. Another base coat goes on the whole roof before the fabric sealer dries to increase the bond between the sealer and coat. Finally, the topcoat is evenly sprayed over the entire surface.

This is what everyone will see, a seamless, very attractive color that makes your commercial metal roof look brand new. The materials carry a warranty of up to 12 years. In addition, your metal restoration (MR) system has a class a fire-resistance rating. There are a number of metal roof coatings on the market. Our expertise includes advising you on products recommended for metal that have been proven successful on commercial roofing in the Southeast.

When you consider the time and expense of ripping off your old roof and replacing it, it cannot compare to the affordability and efficiency of the process of metal restoration. There will be no disruption to your customers, clients, or employees. Rather than “an army” climbing up and down your building, at times a single commercial roofer with a sprayer is quietly going about roof restoration.

Coated Metal Roof GeorgiaYou can also have metal roof coatings installed on brand new metal roofs. The result is a roof that can have 50 years of useful, maintenance-free life.

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