Cool Roof Coatings

Cool roof coatings are a great choice for any commercial property owner who wants to cut energy costs, prolong the roof's life, and not have to worry about frequent repairs. We offer several options that will meet the needs of any commercial roof in the area. We are specialists in this field and can ensure your building is protected against the elements that threaten this region while saving you money on utility costs. Choosing a cool roof coating for energy efficiency saves you even more money: you don’t have to pay for tearing off your old roof, and the cost of a coating system can be half of the price of a replacement roof.

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Commercial Cool Roof Coatings

Commercial cool roof coatings have become a popular choice in the last decade or so due to the number of repairs they can save you and how energy-efficient they are. We specialize in commercial roof coatings and have become experts in it; we use only the finest materials from the industry leaders. For this reason, we have become the top commercial roofing company in the region and can offer you an affordable rate to improve your building’s roof significantly, making it look and perform like new.

Our cool roof coatings, also called “green” roofing, are actually white. The color reflects 80-85% of the sun's heat off the surface of your building. This drives down the cost of interior air conditioning. Get in on the “hottest” trend in the roofing industry – our roof coatings that make your roof dramatically cooler!

Flat Roof Coatings Augusta, GAWe are a commercial roofing company that exclusively installs the Conklin® Cool Roof Coating Systems, which have been certified or approved by many independent organizations, including: ENERGY STAR®, Underwriters Laboratory, US Green Building Council, and CRRC Cool Roof Rating Council.

Energy-saving roofing like cool roof coatings is proven to perform: studies show that it lowers roof temperatures by up to 40 percent and decreases the amount of heat transferred into a building interior. That helps reduce cooling costs even up to 40 percent in some studies. The cool roof options we offer have earned the EPA Star. ENERGY STAR® is the Environmental Protection Agency symbol for energy-saving building products. In fact, the Conklin Company is proud to be an ENERGY STAR® Products Partner with its white roof systems.

In commercial, retail, government buildings, and schools or churches, you can increase the comfort of anyone indoors even during the hottest summer months with cool roof coatings. Our commercial roofers can apply cool roofs on virtually any kind of existing roof:

Metal roofs – visit the page or contact us to find out how we can change your metal roof into an eco-friendly, energy-saving cool roof.

Built-up roofs – we can transform your built-up roof with a coating that will handle many of the problems you’d like to avoid.

Rolled asphalt roofs – traditionally hotter than many other types of roofs, our cool roof coating applied to your rolled asphalt roof will make a marked difference.

Metal Roof Coating ColumbusAsphalt shingle roofs – the asphalt shingle roof tends to absorb a lot of heat from the sun. Our cool roof coatings will change that for you.

EPDM/rubber roofs – one of the hottest types of roofs, but not anymore; thanks to the Conklin® Cool Roof Coating, we can turn that hot rubber roof into an energy-efficient cooling zone for your commercial property!

Hot tar and gravel roofs – wouldn’t it be nice for your hot tar roof to be 30 - 50% cooler?

Flat roofs – there are a number of cool roof coatings to help your flat roof.

Low slope roofs – these can achieve great results with one of our cool roof coatings.

By reducing the need for air-conditioning and extending the cooling equipment's life, typical energy savings of 10-30% in cooling are common. You have then decreased maintenance costs since a cool roof is designed to last longer than the average material. Many local building codes are now including green roofing requirements. Make the smart choice for all involved. Call us, we’re a commercial roofing company with integrity for our work and our products. We’ll get you started!

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