Roofing Tips

We’d like to share some roofing tips with you so that you can enjoy an even longer life out of your roof, with less concern for repairs or too early a replacement, and performing simple maintenance actions instead. Roof care is very important to longevity, so listen up!

When you have a problem with your roof, we know that it can be an inconvenience to you. Here are some general tips to make sure your roof is in good shape (and if you see any warning signs, know it is time to call us to repair or replace the problem area):

Clear off all debris (leaves, branches, etc.) from your roof regularly, especially after a heavy storm or natural disaster.

After heavy storms, check the attic for water stains.

To avoid clogged drains, clean out your gutters and install gutter guards.

Make sure all gutter joints are properly sealed.

Check for holes in your gutters. If you install an antenna on your roof, call us to seal any holes you may have made.

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