Conklin Roofing

Conklin roofing conserves energy, so much that the systems pay for themselves from decreased utility costs. It will pay you back, on average, within 7 years, while giving you protection for decades.

Conklin roofing is the industry standard for commercial, industrial and institutional roof coatings
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You get immediate energy savings. Conklin® coatings create white roofs that reflect the sun’s hot UV rays rather than absorbing them as black roofs do. This keeps buildings cooler, reducing cooling costs, and putting utility money back in the pockets of building owners and facility management budgets. They meet ENERGY STAR™ requirements. Several can be applied over existing roofs – saving you the cost of tear-off and keeping all that old material out of the landfill.

Conklin roofing is known for longevity. Many of the first systems the manufacturer developed in the 1970s are still performing today. We exclusively provide the Conklin® Roof Coating Systems because they are proven to last. We are confident that our commercial and industrial customer will reap the benefits in energy savings and durability.

Whether your roof is metal, rubber, shingled or rolled asphalt, modified bitumen or built-up (BUR) – there is Conklin roofing to meet your needs.

  • Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF)
  • Metal Restoration (MR)
  • Single-Ply Membrane
  • Fabric Reinforced Coatings
  • EPDM Coating

Sprayed Polyurethane Foam results in seamless, top-grade insulation. It has a 6.2 R-value, and 85% reflectivity, which means coatings deflect so much of the sun’s energy that they can pay for themselves in four to seven years in lowered cooling costs. They also “hold in” heat loss in winter, reducing heating expense. This Conklin roofing can be applied over existing roofs that are in substantially good condition.

Metal roof coatings prevent rust, stop leaks and create a roof that is an energy efficient cost-cutter. Because metal roofs are popular, coatings take them to the next level of long-lasting service. This innovation is perfect for industrial, commercial and agricultural buildings. It is called MR because the metal seams and attachments are fully restored prior to coating, and the metal is treated with an anti-rust solution.

A single ply membrane solves complicated roof problems, yet the concept is simple. Sheets of synthetic rubber are unrolled over the entire surface of the roof and then fastened and sealed to your existing roof. The membrane only gets stronger with age. It is cut to be sealed around HVAC and other roof equipment, so no removal and then reinstallation of roof fixtures is necessary. It can be the most affordable Conklin roofing.

Fabric reinforced coatings couple the muscle of fabric with the proven strength of acrylic. For maximum protection, this Conklin roofing system adds a layer of fabric reinforcement between the layers of acrylic roof coating. This is a long-lasting fix for leaks and provides a cut in energy consumption. Fabric reinforcement dramatically improves many kinds of roofs, including flat roofs; low-slope roofs; high density concrete; and built-up (BUR) roofing.

EPDM coating gives you a rubber roof that is virtually weather-proof. It turns hot, dark rubber roofing into a white, reflective surface for energy savings. The coating expands and contracts as the weather changes. In the heat of a summer day, it stretches. At night when it cools down, the coating goes back to its original size. This causes EPDM to crack or buckle. With a coating that is eliminated.

Conklin roofing is the industry leader in acrylic roof coatings
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We provide Conklin Roofing in Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding areas including Columbus, Albany, Macon, Valdosta, Bainbridge, Savannah, Augusta, Alpharetta, Roswell, Statesboro and Tifton.